Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Accidental Tourist

I have always been excited about seeing new places and traveling in general. My last three vacations have literally landed in my lap without any advance planning on my part. First, my hair dresser gave me her timeshare week in Oceanside, California because she was unable to go. Then, my mother-in-law split her timeshare week at the Polo Towers in Vegas with my husband and I. Most recently, my husband's employer sent him to Germany for two weeks of training. Who could pass that up?

I have heard people say that European culture is similar to American culture. WRONG! Yes, there are some minor similarities. They have a lot of white people and so do we. I swear I saw about 5 black people while I was there. If the neo-nazis are worried about preserving the white race, they should take notes from Germany. They are doing a great job. Of course, it could just be that black people aren't generally inclined to live in Germany.

Stay tuned for more on my German adventure.

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