Monday, May 01, 2006

Guten Apetit

Before we went to Germany, my husband and I were warned by a co-worker about the horrible food there. So, we got there expecting to starve. We were pleasantly surprised!. We only had one bad meal over the entire two weeks that we were there. And, I must say that I am not fond of that potato ball thingy. I ate it at one of the restaurants and it was like a big gelatinous blob. It was so gelatiny that the gravy that I was attempting to stick it in to give it some flavor would not stick to the damn thing.

I was not very adventurous and did not try any of the German sausages on the menu since I did not know what was in them. I'm weird like that, I eat the sausages at home with no problem and I don't know what's in them either :-). My favorite is Carolina Pride sausage. The white German sausage (I think its made with veal) looked especially unappetizing. The list of restaurants that we ate at and our ratings with 5 being the best follows.

1. A La Turka on Maximilianstrasse 77- this is one of the many kebap places in Augsburg, Germany. In short, a kebap is a traditional Turkish sandwich. You can read more about kebaps on Wikipedia. This was the first place we ate when we arrived since it was one of the few places open in Augsburg on a Sunday. It was also the last place we ate the night before we left since we had a lot of packing to do and wanted a quick meal. We ate at one other kebap place while we were here because it was close to the hotel. A La Turka was by far the best of the two. The kebap was delicious and the service is very good and you get quite a lot of food for the money. However, I am by no means a kebap expert, so take this with a grain of salt. Rating: 4

2. Cafe Max- Also on Maximilianstrasse. We ate here on our second night and this was the one meal I did not enjoy. This is really a coffee house that is trying to be a restaurant. I got the turkey cutlets with a salad and I had never seen such small portions. I don't think my salad even contained a cup of lettuce. Their lattes were good and that's about the only good thing I have to say about Cafe Max. If you need to go to the bathroom, prepare yourself. It is in this dungeon-like cavernous stair well. Scary. Rating: 1

3. The Irish Post- This restaurant is across the street from the Hotel Ost Am Ko so it was quite convenient on many nights when it was too cold to go hunting for something to eat. The "Irish" Post serves a completely Mexican menu. Go figure. I always ordered the chicken wings since I know that not everyone can make good Mexican and I was quite leery of a "Mexican" (there's not one Mexican in the place) restaurant in Germany. Remember, I'm weird like that. My husband assured me that his burrito was good so I guess I can say the food here is decent, not great. The salads are a bit confusing since they seem to have thrown everything under the sun on it and beware of the house dressing. Not very good! We always asked for oil and vinegar instead. The service is good and they have great but strong (actually, I don't think I had weak coffee anywhere in Germany. One of my traveling companions described the coffee as "stout". I will have to write a separate entry about German coffee.) Overall, the Irish Post is a great place for drinking and camraderie. The food, I could take it or leave it. Rating: 3

4. China Restaurant- This is an authentic Chinese restaurant in Augsburg. The food was good but, I like Chinese food in the US better. I said the same thing when we went to Mexico. Honestly, the Mexican food in the US was much better than the food we ate at a restaurant in Mexico. But, I digress. They serve large portions so two people can eat off one entree. Of course, as is typical with Chinese food (likely because of all that starch), I was hungry again about 2 hours later. Rating: 3

5. Andescher- This is the one and only restaurant where I ordered the potato ball. I wanted to try it and I think I picked the wrong place to order it. Andescher is quite popular since it was packed in the middle of the week. I ordered the Roast Pork with a potato ball. The Germans love pork and they are quite good at preparing it. It was prevalent on just about every traditional German restaurant we went to and it was always delicious. The roast pork was great and I don't think I need to go on about the potato ball again. I ordered a dessert called Austrian Sweet Dumpling. It is a baked dumpling with a vanilla custard sauce and a plum filling. German's don't make their desserts very sweet so the dumpling and the custard was only slightly sweet. I enjoyed the dessert until I got to the plum filling. I still grimace when I think of it. Ugh! I would have given them a higher rating but the potato ball and the plum filling ruined this for me. Rating: 3

6. HofBrauhaus Munchen- We ate at the Hof Brauhaus on a weekend trip to Munich. Apparently, this place has some historical significance because the Nazi's had a meeting here at some time or another. The atmosphere is quite loud and festive. There was plenty of singing and dancing. My husband loved it because the beers are served in these huge 1 liter mugs. I am not a beer drinker so I ordered a diet soda and pork chops w/ fried potatoes (the Germans love their potatoes too). Soda in Europe is not quite as bubbly as the ones served in the US. I think they were almost flat in every restaurant we ate at. They also use a different kind of artificial sweetener so there is a different after taste. The meal was delicious but again, bad salad dressing on the salad. The Hofbrauhaus has a website if you would like to learn more. Rating: 4

7. Brauhaus Fussen- I am not really sure that that is the name of this restaurant but, it was the last thing I glimpsed as I was closing the door. This restaurant is tied with the Bauer Brauhaus as the best place we ate while in Germany. We ate dinner here on a weekend trip to Fussen. Fussen is a beautiful city that is a stone's throw from Austria. I don't know if I was hungry or what but the food at this place is awesome. I ordered Roast Pork with French fries. The gravy on the pork was indescribable. I thoroughly enjoyed soaking my french fries in that delicious gravy. I found myself wondering why we Americans even use ketchup. Gravy is so much better! And the Germans know how to make gravy. Every restaurant (except Cafe Max who didn't bother to put gravy on my turkey) had awesome gravy. I also had some dessert here. I can't remember what it (I think it was Berne Helene) was but it was delicious. Rating: 5

8. Bauerentanz Brauhaus- Delicious, delicious, delicious. We ate here two or three times while we were here and their potato balls look like they might actually have put some potato in it. I never ordered it though. Again, I ordered the Roast Pork with French fries and I had to stop myself from licking the plate. The second time, I ordered a sampler menu that included dessert. I can't remember what they call it but the cheese spaetzle was yummy! Great service, great atmoshphere. For dessert, you can't miss with the Apple Fritter with Walnut ice cream. It's hidden away in one of the alleys of Maximilianstrasse in Augsburg but it is certainly worth the hunt. Rating: 5

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