Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Insurance is a Rip Off!

I have been compiling a list of jobs that I just think are evil. One day, I sat at my office window watching a meter maid walking down the street and issuing parking tickets to car after car. Writing the tickets is understandable. If they're parked illegally, they're parked illegally. But, that wasn't enough for this woman. Noooo. She apparently called this tow truck company who sent several trucks to tow the cars that were parked illegally. What sense did that make? The people will come back out to their cars to find no car and no ticket. How would they know the car was towed or which company towed it? That day, I was able to add two more evil jobs to my list: vindictive meter maids and nonconsensual towing companies.

I added another job to my list this past week: insurance claims adjuster. Their job is to deny you the coverage that you have diligently paid for. I pay my home insurance company almost $800 a year to cover my home in case something happens. Insurance companies sell piece of mind, don't they? Yet they write policies that has exclusions for just about every occurrence. Their objective is to have me pay them but they don't have to pay me when I need them too. And this is legal! My air conditioner went out so I called my insurance company since I don't have a few thousand laying around to replace it. I was told by the claims adjuster that they would only pay for the air conditioner if some "event" had occurred that caused it to malfunction. My air conditioner died of old age but, if a tree had fallen on it, or if my husband ran into it with the lawn mower, then it would be covered. But since it just stopped working, there is no coverage. Huh? Does that make any sense? The bottom line is that it is not working! Who cares how it got that way?

In the meantime, I have been sweltering in the 90+ degree weather. Thank God the unit in the basement still works.

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