Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bathroom Floor is Done

My husband and I finally finished the bathroom floor. It was a lot of hard work and the fact that several tiles had to be replaced since they broke when we started to walk on the floor still makes me grimace, but it was worth it. The floor is beautiful and it looks so much better than that gray carpet. I have tiled a back splash before and thought that the floor would be just as easy. Boy was I wrong! Even though the 12x12 tiles were much larger than the 4x4 tiles I used for the backsplash, it was still very tedious. The biggest lesson I learned is take your time. Some of the tiles broke because I did not take the time to make sure the tile was properly covered with adhesive and that the adhesive was in 100% contact with the floor. Also, with floor tiles, it is best to put the mortar on the back of the tile instead of on the floor to ensure proper adhesion.

Next on the list-- Sand and paint those cabinets and install new hardware. Deadline: end of next week.

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