Thursday, July 13, 2006

Reality Bites!

I have become a "reality" TV junkie. I went from not watching them much to watching them almost exclusively. Last night, a new season of Project Runway debuted. What a wonderful birthday present! Thank you BRAVO! I love that show because my goal after high school was to become a fashion designer. That never came to fruition mainly because of my procastination, fear of failure, and allowing my family to talk me out of going to fashion design school. When I finally made it to college, rather than pursue what I originally intended, I got a safe business degree. I can go anywhere and do anything with a business degree I told myself. Never once did it cross my mind that I am not cut out for the corporate/business/office world. So here I my desk job...suffering...thinking of all the things that I would rather be doing.

OK, let me get out of pity mode and write about what I really came here for. I know that "reality" shows are about as real as Michael Jackson's nose but I still love them. My TV viewing consists of at least one "reality" show every week day. ANTM, The Apprentice, Project Runway, Bridezillas, So You Think You Can Dance, Last Comic Standing are among my favorites. If they're on TV, I'm watching. I have never been a fan of Kathy Griffin. She is loud and crude but I love her show, My Life on the D-List. The woman is actually funny and her parents crack me up. I've grown tired of American Idol and haven't watched it since Reuben won. I am convinced that vote is rigged and the fact that they allow people to vote more than once really skews the results in my opinion.

Even though A&E is supposed to be the channel for the cultured among us, they have recently gotten on the reality show band wagon. I only watch two of their reality shows though, The First 48 and Intervention. The First 48 is my favorite. I think there is an episode airing tonight. I even watch the reruns. My husband claims its no fun once you know whodunit, but the show intrigues me. I watch Intervention so that I can yell at the TV. Some of the people featured on that show are simply pathethic. I have never understood the allure of drugs and alcohol for some people and I have little sympathy for them. If anyone thinks that I don't understand what its like being a druggie, I have an uncle who has been a drug addict since I was a child. Perhaps that is where much of my disdain comes from. From thinking of all the things he did to endanger and humiliate us while he was high. I gave up on him long ago. My grandmother is still in denial. I just don't get it.

Heidi Klum looked so damn good last night on Project Runway. I don't know how some women do it. They pop a baby out and look like they were never pregnant. I know I won't be that lucky. I personally think the crazy designer with the stupid hat should have gotten the "Auf Wiedersehen" last night. I think they are just keeping him on the show for the theatrics and because he was once a succesful designer. Whatever the reason, I'll be tuning in next week.

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