Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jet Lag?

I don't know if jet lag affects people when you didn't even change time zones but I came back to work on Monday just tired and in the worst mood. Of course, this always has a snowball effect. First I left my ID badge at home so I had to spend the whole day either borrowing a co-worker's badge or coming up with clever ways to move around the building without encountering a Cardkey machine. Then I check my email after not being here for a week and realize that I have a hearing scheduled for Tuesday that needs preparation. I spend most of the day doing other things of course, and don't start prepping the cases until about 3. Mind you I get off at 4:30. This worked out for the best because I got an email saying that 3 of the cases had been settled. I would have been even more pissed off if I had prepared all the cases and then gotten an email saying that those cases were settled. I am not a big fan of wasting time.

I get here on Tuesday morning, not as tired, but still a little grumpy. First the lawyer tells me ten minutes before the hearing that two of the cases are contested. Wow, it sure would have been nice to know before now so I could insert more questions into the script to build our case. I still have to copy and label all the exhibits for the hearings at 10. This of course takes forever and on top of that, I check my email and see that I was emailed another case at 4:50 p.m. on Monday! This really annoyed me. I hate last minute additions! So I spend about an hour waiting for the slow ass printer to print out the case file, writing the script, copying the exhibits, only for the idiot respondent to show up and sign a consent agreement. You could have done that long before now buddy and saved us all some time.

That's not even the worse part. My co worker who is supposed to be testifying that respondents were properly noticed is walking through the door to the hearing room. He turns around and sees me walking a few feet behind him. Stares at me for a few seconds, does not say hello or even nod his fricking head in acknowledgement, and then lets the door close! This is just beyond rude and inconsiderate. I think it is accepted courtesy nowadays to hold the door for people behind you! How does one not personalize something like this? I could see if it was a complete stranger. This is not the first time that he has acted like a total jerk though. So I have concluded that it is best for me to accept the fact that he is an arrogant, inconsiderate jerk. As much as I had hoped that I was wrong about him, he has just provided too much evidence to the contrary. Right after I made peace with that fact, he again proved my point. It turned out two of the other cases had been continued before the hearing date and he did not bother to let me know. Asshole!

Such has been my week so far at this place that I love to hate called work. I saw a flyer once that aptly describes how I feel in this place. "It's hard to soar like an eagle when you work with turkeys".

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