Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I am in Michigan this week at a conference on the beautiful MSU campus. The weather is great. 57 degrees this morning with expected highs of 78. Much better than Georgia I am sure where the heat and humidity is probably sapping the energy out of many. Michigan seems like an alright place to live even though I doubt I could find a man here if I were single. I am really not vain and I don't think that I am best looking thing around but some men seem to think otherwise because I cannot go anywhere without being hit on. This is my second day in Michigan and not even an interested glance have I received. Hence my conclusion that for me, finding a man here would be difficult. I am an acquired taste you know. Ask my husband.

Another observation...As a gardener, I notice the flowers and plants everywhere I go and I am having some serious dirt envy. While I must fight with and amend the Georgia clay soil if I want anything to grow, Michigan gardeners have wonderful soil that, from my cursory visual inspection, needs few, if any amendments.

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