Monday, October 16, 2006

Was college a complete waste of time?

Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks my Business degree is worthless...

"Your article is still flooding me with past anger I have toward corporate America's hiring practices. You touched on it lightly but that is the real reason these kids are not able to sufficiently pay back their loans. Although I did not rack up any college debt, I have been a victim of their hiring tactics and different discriminations. I would have also argued, this is the biggest reason education ought to be free. Like with health care, other countries seem to be able to offer these services to their citizens at no charge, with a cheaper overall tax system than our country has. This is because these semi-socialist countries are not subsidizing and policing the world and going to war over those subsidizations and generally sticking our red, white and blue collective nose where it does not belong. I would also like to discuss how skewed the unemployment rate is and if college is even worth going to, especially if you're majoring in business. -- Steve, Smyrna

This letter appeared in the 10/11/6 Edition of Creative Loafing. It's funny that Steve refers to his "past anger". It sounds like you're still pretty angry to me Steve. I will have to write about my frustation with having such a generic degree when I am not in such a melancholic mood.

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