Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Skinny Me?

How does one go from wearing a size 3/4 and eating whatever they want without gaining a pound to gaining 50 pounds and struggling to lose it and keep it off? You start taking birth control, that's how. Doctors will try to convince you that you just became a glutton and the fact that your gluttony happened right around the time you started taking birth control is just mere coincidence. But, don't be fooled ladies. I was put on birth control in basic training because the strenuous activity caused my period to stop. Within a month, I gained 3 pounds. I got to my first assignment and stopped taking them. Started taking them again when I met my husband and by the time, I got to next assignment, I had gained another 10 pounds. You get the idea. All of this despite 5 days a week of Army mandated strenuous exercise.

I finally stopped taking the pills in 2000. But did the weight come off? Noooo. Of course not. I won't even bother going through all of the things that I have tried over the years to lose weight. I finally found success in 2001 when I started Somersizing. Somersizing is basically a food combining diet that Suzanne Somers has turned into a money making business. The concept is certainly not new (most diet books aren't) but Suzanne writes the books as though she invented this way of eating. I checked out "Eat, Cheat, and Melt the Fat Away" from the library, read it, and copied the basics of the diet and some of the recipes that I liked. The diet worked like a dream. I lost 10 pounds the first month and steadily lost about 4 pounds a month after that until I reached 130 from a high of 169. My goal was 125 but my body decided it liked 130 and would not budge for about 3 months until I just gave up and decided to stop obsessing about those last 5 pounds.

Of course, I got a little lax. About a month after I hit 130, I went on vacation to my home so that my husband could see where I grew up. It was so wonderful being home again and of course I indulged in every dish the locals had to offer. I had not been back in almost 10 years and didn't realize how much I missed it. I'm getting misty just writing about it. I got back from vacation 6 pounds heavier. It was only a 5 day vacation so I gained a little over a pound a day. No cause for alarm. I could just get back on the wagon and lose those 6 pounds in no time. Hah! It was all down hill from there.

My vacation was in September so the holidays were around the corner. On top of that, In January 2003, we decided to move. Once everything was packed up, that was all the excuse I needed to eat everything I shouldn't. After all, my pots and pans were packed away and I couldn't cook. Successful Somersizing requires that you cook and plan your meals ahead of time. By the time December 2003 rolled around, I weighed 143. I decided then that I needed to seriously lose those 13 pounds and get back down to 130. I was also quite flabby from losing those 40 pounds so I decided to start exercising.

I have no idea why (actually, yes I do :-) I got the urge to start writing about my dieting saga but I will have to continue this another day. It's getting longer than I expected.

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