Friday, December 29, 2006


Here is my positive thought for the year: No matter what is going in your life and no matter how bad you think things are, it can always be worse. On the ride in to work this morning, one of the ladies in my van pool decided to tell us about her grandson who only spent 54 days on this Earth. Joshua was born with all sorts of health problems and fought valiantly for almost two months. She says that he would have been 15 now had he lived. Their family still struggles with his death. I can't imagine the pain of having to deal with a dying or dead child and it makes everything else in my life (and life in general) seem so minute. I am sad for her family, especially Joshua's mother but, I am glad that she told me the story because it helped me gain perspective. No one I know is dying, I am gainfully employed, I have a wonderful husband. I won't say that my aspirations for 2007 is to be little Ms. Sunshine but, I will strive to maintain perspective. Joshua will be my inspiration. I am sure he was and would have been a beautiful child.

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