Saturday, December 23, 2006


Slowly, but surely, we are making progress on our master bathroom. The cabinets are painted and the new hardware has been added. I just finished taking down the old stuff in my husband's closet and painting it from top to bottom. The ceiling was dingy, the walls full of holes and looked like they only had primer on them, and the base boards got a fresh new coat too. Here are some pics.

The first pic is my husband's closet before. The dingy white walls and ceiling just weren't cute. The one closet rod you see in the picture is all there was to hang clothes so there was a lot of wasted space. The after pictures shows the closet with the wall painted. I mixed 2 quarts of sample paint that I got when I was trying to pick a color for the wainscot to get the color for the wall...Benjamin Moore's Scenic Desert and Subtle Ivory. My husband has yet to put up his new shelving but, I'll post some pics when he does that.

Here are some pictures of the sink cabinets. I eventually chose a Benjamin Moore color called Ladyfinger to paint the cabinets and the wainscot but depending on how the light hits it, I'm having a love/hate relationship with my color choice. I'll wait and see how it looks when the whole bathroom is done. The second picture shows the wainscot that we already applied around the toilet painted in the same Ladyfinger color. We wanted to continue the color all around the bathroom so we chose to paint the cabinets the same color. Somehow, the color looks different to me on the wainscot than on the cabinets. Perhaps because the cabinets were previously painted white and the wainscot was bare wood that was primed before the paint was applied. Maybe a couple more coats will cure that. We'll see. The last picture is a close up of the pulls I chose.

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