Friday, March 23, 2007

What's worse?

Knowing that your child was killed or knowing that they were tortured emotionally and sexually before being strangled? I can accept death. I just can't accept violent death....especially when the victims are children. What kind of mind assaults and kills a child? How can this person be called human? I have always felt that to kill another human being (unless in self defense), you have to see them as less than human. I think that explains how a lot of people have no problem killing others but will fight to the end to avoid the death penalty for themselves. Because somehow, in their mind, their life is more valuable. When I read stories like this, I wonder how destiny factors into all of this. To a certain extent, some events in our lives are destined to occur. Death is one of them. From the day we are born, our death is determined and everything will align itself to ensure that it is carried out. It was no coincidence that this family of pedophiles moved across the street from this child that they were destined to kill. When its your time, its your time. I just hate how this child suffered.

I guess the larger question is what should society do with pedophiles? To kill a child 3 days after you're placed on probation shows a clear lack of self control and concern for others. If they don't understand what a danger they are to others and honestly feel like they can successfully assimilate back into society, there are many cases that prove them wrong. I am against the death penalty but somehow, I want a front row seat to the exectution of these 3.

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