Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Disappointed, again

It's been a while. I've been dealing with some personal issues...namely finding out that someone very important to me is not the person I thought they were. I've written before about how deep my disappointment in people runs and this situation is no different. In a lot of ways, its worse since this is someone I care about deeply. Why do people put up these false fronts? Why? It is such a colossal waste of time. Why has my entire life, from childhood to now, been filled with people who do nothing but disappoint me? Well, I'm not the type to put my personal business out there on the internet so maybe at some point I will reach a point where I can write about it here but, not right now.

I haven't been exercising like I should have since this happened a month ago. I really want to get back to that because I miss it but exercise takes so much mental energy and I just don't have it right now. On a more positive note, I've lost about 5 pounds because I just haven't had an appetite.

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