Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Why do I sabotage myself? I spend so much time exercising and waste those efforts eating all the wrong things. It's this cycle I go through. A period of perfect eating and then another period of eating absolutely crappy. This current period of crappy eating is going on 2 weeks now. I have to stop this. I spend so much time online researching and acquiring fitness DVD's. For what? I've put back on 13 pounds of the 40 that I lost. Exercise alone is not going to get it off. I MUST MATCH MY EATING WITH MY FITNESS HABITS. Today is the last day of this two week hell. I call it hell because I really don't like eating this way. It makes me feel yucky. So, then why do I do it? I feel so much better when I eat healthy. Why do I eat badly for such prolonged periods? I've lost track of how many 3 mile runs I've accumulated over the past 2 weeks because of all the crap I keep putting in my mouth. I am disgusted with myself. Tomorrow is a new day. We'll see if I can do better.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Taste of Atlanta

So, the hubby and I went to Taste of Atlanta this weekend. There were lots of vendors with what looked like some really good food. Overall, there were only a few things that I could find fault with. First, the website does not make it clear how the "taste coupon" thing works. I was under the impression that my 10 taste coupons that came with my very expensive ticket would be good at 10 different vendors. No. Some vendors required 2 and 3 taste coupons for some of their dishes. In turn, my husband and I were very selective about what we used our coupons on. We also combined our coupons so we had 20 taste coupons together and just split the samples between us. So, we got around that minor annoyance pretty easily.

Second, we got an email from Ticket Alternative encouraging us to take MARTA to the event and catch the shuttle to Atlantic Station from the Arts Center MARTA Station. Since parking at Atlantic Station would probably be scarce, we decided that this would be a good idea. Wrong! In typical MARTA fashion, they chose this weekend of all weekends to perform track maintenance. So, the trains were running every 24 minutes (according to them) and there was single tracking between certain stations which means there was a risk we could be put off a train and sent to the other side of the track to await another train. We were supposed to meet our meetup group at 4:00. We left the house at 2:15 and did not get to the event until about 4:20. Thanks MARTA for your usual bad service! Of course, we missed our group but we still enjoyed the event.

Of all the food we tried, there were a few stand outs, most were mediocre and a few were really bad. The standouts were Six Feet Under and Thrive. The seafood gazpacho and "rat toe" from Six Feet Under were the best dishes we sampled. The Chicken Ginger pot stickers from Thrive came in a close second. The Dr. Beeks salad from Doc Greens was pretty good too. The worst was the Lamb Lollipop from Sambuca...absolutely no taste whatsoever and the sauce was pretty gross and the duck tacos from a restaurant I can't remember. They were really awful. The taco shell tasted like soap and it completely overpowered the duck.

Overall, a great experience followed by a bit of shopping afterward. The ride home on MARTA was a lot smoother than the ride to the event.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Firming Up

Wow...two entries in a week...I'm on fire. So, I started a new lower body rotation to firm up my thighs and butt. I am going on a cruise in November and bought 2 bikinis to keep me motivated. Depending on the results, I will either take my bikinis or my one piece. It is based on Cathe's Fat Loss and Shaping Legs & Glutes Rotation. This is my first week. I made a few substitutions for the workouts I did not have. I'm beginning to think that following a pre-determined workout schedule is just not for me. I did a circuit and interval rotation earlier this year and I enjoyed it a lot more than I am enjoying this.

I did Imax for the first time on Tuesday and I think I hate it. It just seemed so choppy and all the stepping got to be tedious. And, why in the world did we need to do each step combo 6 TIMES before moving on to the interval? It's on the schedule again for next Thursday and I just don't think I can do it. I've inserted a 3 mile run in it's place because I allowed my co-worker to sabotage me this week. She brought me 2 Dove dark chocolates and I ate them. Well, she meant well and it was only 2 of the mini chocolates but cheating is cheating. That was my only indiscretion this week too. Otherwise, my eating has been excellent. Believe it or not, I am looking forward to the run more than I was looking forward to IMAX and I hate to run!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I keep thinking that I need a focus for this blog. I see so many others that are dedicated to some topic or another...politics, gardening, diets, nutrition, etc... I don't know if I want to this blog to be about a specific topic. I want it to be about a my struggles with being fit, being happy, accepting myself and my currently crappy life. I'm sure it sounds selfish but I really think that I am my biggest project right now. My life is not the way I envisioned it in high school and I have to do something about it. I cannot continue this miserable existence forever. The first thing on my list is to get an esthetician license so I can leave this waste of time job. So, hopefully, I will be starting that in the next few months.

On a more positive note, for the first time in a long time, I feel like I am back on track with my eating and exercise. I exercised every day last week which I have not had the strength to do for some time. I've also been eating much better this week. I've decided that I need some kind punishment and reward system for myself to keep me on track with my eating. If I stick to my diet each week, I'll reward myself. If I don't, I'll have to penalize myself by doing something I really hate. Since I hate to run, I've chosen that as my penalty. The rewards change every week so this week, my reward is two scoops of sugar free ice cream from Ben & Jerry's. Yes, I know you shouldn't reward yourself with food, but I really want some. The penalty will be to run 3 miles. Of course I have to define what I consider cheating...anything with sugar or white flour, over eating fruits or whole grains, or any sugar free foods...except diet soda. Diet soda, I can moderate so I still drink it. I'm doing good so far. The idea of finally eating some ice cream is keeping me on track.