Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Why do I sabotage myself? I spend so much time exercising and waste those efforts eating all the wrong things. It's this cycle I go through. A period of perfect eating and then another period of eating absolutely crappy. This current period of crappy eating is going on 2 weeks now. I have to stop this. I spend so much time online researching and acquiring fitness DVD's. For what? I've put back on 13 pounds of the 40 that I lost. Exercise alone is not going to get it off. I MUST MATCH MY EATING WITH MY FITNESS HABITS. Today is the last day of this two week hell. I call it hell because I really don't like eating this way. It makes me feel yucky. So, then why do I do it? I feel so much better when I eat healthy. Why do I eat badly for such prolonged periods? I've lost track of how many 3 mile runs I've accumulated over the past 2 weeks because of all the crap I keep putting in my mouth. I am disgusted with myself. Tomorrow is a new day. We'll see if I can do better.

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