Tuesday, May 13, 2008


There are so many things going on that I haven't written about. My husband and I decided to sell one of our houses. The big one that we love so much. It's the closest thing to a dream home that I think we will ever find. It's not exactly the best time but we've reached a point in our lives and our relationship where we just think it needs to be done. We've been in a bit of a frenzy trying to do the things that we should have already done to the house over the 5 years we've lived there. We are almost done with the bathroom after, what is it now, 3 years? I'm tiling around the tub. My husband will finish by trimming up the tile and adding wainscot. And I'll go behind him and do the touch ups of the paint. Then we have to replace the island, floor and countertops in the kitchen. Luckily, the cabinets are in good shape. I just touched them up with some paint and added new pulls and now they look like new.

The big project is the basement. We've been trying to get someone to put up drywall but it hasn't really been easy. We're on our third contractor and we have yet to get an estimate. One guy actually had the nerve to show up intoxicated when he came to give us an estimate. We were supposed to have the house on the market by the end of April. It looks like it will be more toward the end of July before we're ready. I'm not stressing about it. The only time we have to work on the house is on the weekends so it's going to take as long as it takes. The longer we wait the better the market may get.

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