Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wayward Wednesday

What is it about Wednesday? I seemed to have developed this habit. Eat really well on Monday & Tuesday and go off track on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. By off track I mean one thing usually, not a whole day of eating poorly. Last Wednesday, it was 2 Smirnoff Ice at our monthly Bunko night. Thursday, it was a 16 oz. Texas Margarita at a co-worker’s birthday party. Friday, it was a cup of Haagen Daz ice cream. Otherwise, my eating those days had been just fine. This is something that I’ve noticed for a while now so it’s not that I have this active social life. Most nights, it’s me, my workouts, the computer and the TV. I’ve been fine all week. Today, at about 2:00, I suddenly had a craving for something sweet. I was standing in front of the vending machine trying to pick something when it dawned on me what day it was. Wednesday! I can’t say that anything I ate today triggered cravings because I’ve eaten the same things today that I ate yesterday. Protein shake, 2 cups tea, and 2 boiled eggs for breakfast, ½ apple and ¼ cup almonds for mid-morning snack, salad w/ 1 cheeseburger patty for lunch. I’ve got plain yogurt with fresh strawberries in the fridge for my afternoon snack. I’m not hungry. So, why did I get the urge for something sweet…and why was I so close to actually getting something? I made a promise to myself at the start of this week that I was not going to give in to the “Hump Day Crav-a-thon”. Yes, I’ve given it a name because it’s been happening far too frequently. I even started to try and rationalize it. “Oh, you’re going to get your nails done after work so you’ll need this so you don’t get hungry.” And, my personal favorite, “you can get it…just don’t eat dinner”. Whether I eat dinner or not, junk is junk. So, I ended up getting coffee w/ a little half and half instead. I’m writing this at 2:30. I get off work at 5:00. My co-worker just gave me a piece of Harry & David chocolate. Does the whole universe know that I’m craving something sweet? I swear this is some sort of conspiracy. After realizing what day it is, I don’t even want the chocolate. I’m determined to honor my promise to myself.

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