Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Why do cliques bother me? Doesn’t everyone want to be in the in crowd? Heck, for most people any crowd will do. But, I resist cliques. I think I always have. I was never a popular kid in school but I was happy with the few nerdy friends I had. They were honest, loyal, we had things in common, we had fun together. I guess some people would consider my little nerdy group of friends a clique in itself but I guess when you’re on the inside, you don’t see it that way. I also think the difference between a clique and a true group of friends is that a group of friends is not exclusionary. Cliques, by their very nature are exclusionary. My friends and I welcomed anyone who wanted to hang out with us. Cliques, no matter how bad you want to be a part of it, have no room for outsiders. I guess this is on my mind now because I’ve been at my new job now for 7 months and the cliques are everywhere. I’ve made a few attempts to hang out with certain groups but it just doesn’t feel right. I have really tried to act like their conversations, activities, and lives interest me but I just know I don’t belong there. I have nothing in common with most of the people and I don’t particularly like being around some of them. Some of them are quite wishy washy-a quality I really dislike in people. It’s amazing though that as much as cliques bother me and as uncomfortable as I am when I am around them, I still want to be a part of that group. What does that say about me?

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