Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Color Purple

We went out to dinner and then to see the Color Purple with another couple this past weekend. I didn’t expect to have a good time but things turned out great. I must say the play is very different from the book. They completely lost me after the intermission. I just remember sitting there going, I don’t remember this from the book or the movie. They really played up Celie’s lesbian relationship with Shug. It became quite uncomfortable at times. The movie only hinted at it which I think is much more tasteful. I’ve decided I need to read the book again. After all, it was the 80s and I wasn’t even a teenager yet so it’s likely that I forgot some details. We ate at Baraonda before heading over to the Fox and although the servings were a bit small for my liking, the food wasn’t bad and the service was pretty good. It is an Italian restaurant so for someone who eats low carb, there were very few things on the menu I could eat. I ended up getting the sausage and peppers with roasted potatoes. I ate a few of the roasted potatoes but they were overcooked –that’s my nice way of saying the skin was burnt- and rubbery so I didn’t feel inclined to finish them. The sausages were a bit dry but the peppers were the best thing on the plate, delicious. My picky husband got the chicken ravioli. There were about 6 midsized ravioli on his plate. He liked them but he didn’t like the price, around $18. My sausage and peppers cost $16. My husband also got a martini- $12. Not our cheapest dinner but all in all, it was a good evening.

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