Friday, September 26, 2008

Great Night....Almost

I’ve been playing Bunco once a month with some of my co-workers for almost a year now. We rotate hosting the game night and the host provides dinner and drinks. My husband did a great job helping me get the house ready. He moved some of our furniture down to Columbus from Covington …by himself mostly because I was pretty useless with certain things like the sofabed. I did a really good job of renting the U-Haul though :-). He finally put up the bathroom accessories that I bought over a year ago. He put up my curtain rods. The house has 10 foot high ceilings so the windows are really up there. He set up the music for me. He didn’t complain once and was absolutely great about it. I spent way too much on food but I wanted to do something different so I got Caribbean food from Rose’s. She is a bit overpriced but the food is good and she is the only good Caribbean restaurant in the area so I guess she can do that. Everyone came and we had a great time.

It must have been a full moon last night because there were two incidents in my otherwise quiet with some seedy elements…mainly drugs and prostitution…neighborhood. There was something going on two streets over because the police were out there and there was crime scene tape up. All of my co-workers were showing up telling me there was something going on. I had no idea what it was. Having lived near Atlanta , I have the expectation that if there is a major incident, the local news crew will be there reporting live no matter when it happens. Well, Columbus is not a “live” kind of town. Even though this was happening at around 6:00, it was not reported on any of the 11:00 news reports. It is still not on their websites this morning nor is it in the Ledger-Enquirer. I could assume that it was not a major incident but I’ve been in Columbus long enough to know better. They report that someone has been killed or robbed days after it’s happened…if at all. The news reporting here in Columbus is another area that is light years behind other metro areas in Georgia ...the whole country probably. I have given up on watching it. It is the most uninformative 30 minutes so, why waste my time. The top news story, pretty much all week, has been Bill Heard closing. Well, darn it, if a possible murder doesn’t top that, I don’t know what does. Being dead is a lot worse than losing your job.

The second incident occurred right in front of my house. Our house is in an unfortunate location right in front of an intersecting street. This intersecting street is where the crazy and seedy folks tend to reside/frequent. Although…some red-neck looking folks moved in next door around Labor Day. I could be wrong about them but that’s my first impression. Time will tell. Anyway, we’re playing around the coffee table in the living room with the front door open and we look out the screen door and see this man with his arm around the back and front of a woman’s neck. In retrospect, it looked like a wrestling hold but at the time, it just looked like one or both was drunk and they were holding each other up. We notice the man arguing with another man in a vehicle. No one is playing Bunco now. We’re all standing at the front door watching. I pick up my cell phone and go out onto the porch because I am one who WILL call the police and tell them everything I know. When I hear strange noises, I make a note of the time, just in case they come knocking. The woman manages to wrestle herself away and hops in the car with the other guy and they drive off. The guy then pitches his cell phone after the car. Guess where it landed? Right in my azalea bush! He at least had the good sense to ask me if he could retrieve the phone before he crossed my fence into my yard.

So, that was my night last night. The Farmer’s Almanac reports that the moon was only 15% visible last night so it was not a full moon. So, why my neighbors chose last night of all nights to act the fool, I have no idea.

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