Monday, March 02, 2009

The good, the bad, the ugly

The ugly: Well, I guess I can add one more thing to February's list of crazy events. I think I have bacterial vaginosis. The symptoms started a few days after my fibroid incident. I'll wait until my next appointment to confirm but I'm pretty sure that's what it is. I've never had this before. I just cannot wait for my little one to get here so my body can get back to normal.

The bad:Oh, make that two more things. It appears that the person that owns the house next door has rented it to a drug dealer. It's either that or they are some popular folks. It's like Grand Central station and they've only been there a little over a week. Well, they moved next to the wrong person. I plan to observe them for the next month or so and take copious notes so that I can have some evidence when I notify the police. I'm also going to write a letter to the landlord letting her know what kind of people she has rented to. I didn't think it was possible but this neighborhood is just getting worse than it was when we moved here. I hosted bunco again last week and I was so scared that one of the girls would go to her car and find the window busted out or her car gone. No incidents this time, thank God.

The good: Other than the possible BV infection, everything is going well with the baby. He pokes me so hard sometimes, it's hard to believe he weighs barely over a pound. My husband and I may have settled on a name as well. We'll just have to see if anything else strikes our fancy between now and when he is born. The insurance company is taking forever to process our property loss claim so I'm just going to go out and buy a new camera. I am overdue for another pic of my belly. I was trying to wait but my belly seems to be growing every day. I want to have plenty of pictures of our boy starting from before he gets here.

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