Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meet the Grandparents

Cayden is 3 weeks olds today and he's put on another pound since his first pediatrician appointment. He now weighs 9 lbs. 2 oz. and has outgrown the newborn diapers. I think it's the way he's shaped. All the weight seems to be going to his belly, legs, and arms so the newborn diapers started to be tight around the belly and legs. We've started using the size 1 diaper but they're still a little big. We drove to Tennessee over the weekend so he could meet his paternal grandparents. It sounded like a good idea at the time but we were all exhausted by the time we got up there and by the time we got home. I pumped breast milk for him so we wouldn't have to make stops to feed him on the way up there.

We still had to stop to change diapers so the trip still took 2 hours longer than it normally does and my boy was so cranky the whole way up there because he does not like the bottle. He threw up for the first time since he's been born and it scared me. The ride up there was just really stressful so on the way back, we stopped so I could breastfeed, burp him, and just give him a break from the carseat and everyone was much better. He cried for the last hour or so of the trip but who could blame the little guy. This trip was definitely too ambitious and too soon. I was planning to fly to Alaska around December so my family can meet him but now I'm thinking when he's closer to a year old would be better. I'm thinking it's best to just tell everyone, if you want to see the baby, you need to come to us.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

He's Here...

I finally have a moment to post that my boy is here. He was born on June 9 @ 9:27 p.m. and weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz. The birth did not go as I was hoping since I ended up with a C-section. My midwife believes that after 22 hours of labor, his head was just too big to make it through my pelviss. His head measured 14.25 inches at birth so I guess it was pretty big but from what I've been reading, that is a fairly average head circumference. There's still so many questions that I need answered before I can be fully OK with all this. I'm trying to get to the point where I can write or even think about my birth experience without getting angry. I'm not angry that I had a c-section. I'm angry that the L&D hospital staff were so inept and unprofessional. I fully intend to file complaints with the appropriate people. If nothing else, I did not want the memory of his birth marred but they did their best to ruin the experience for us. Every nightmare story that I read from other mothers who had to endure inept and uncaring hospital staff seemed to play out for me within the first few hours of my arrival at the hospital.

On a more positive note, my son is absolutely beautiful. He's two weeks old and he is changing every day. He almost looks like a completely different baby than when he was born. Everyone says that he looks like me but I think he looks more like my husband. He is an overall easy baby to care for although he does have his cranky moments. I feel so fortunate to have him and I'm trying my best to enjoy these early days with him and not get too caught up with how much I would rather have a full night's sleep and how much easier it would be if I was formula feeding instead of breast feeding. I won't get this time back and I won't get any do-overs.

Sunday, June 07, 2009


I've been up since about 5:45. I woke up with a crampy feeling in my stomach and felt like I had to use the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and felt this weird popping sensation. I looked in the toilet and my mucus plug had come out. It's almost two hours later and I have not been able to go back to sleep. Between the crampy feeling in my stomach and constantly feeling like I need to use the bathroom, sleep has been impossible. Also, for some reason, the cramps feel more painful when I am lying down.

I've been having very mild contractions since Friday afternoon but they gave me hope that something was going to happen and instantly lifted my mood. I realized that if my baby was late, I was OK with it as long as I could feel and see signs of progress from my body. Before Friday, there was virtually no sign that my body was doing anything. I left work determined that I was going to have a baby by Monday.

I went to my favorite nail salon and got a manicure and pedicure after work on Friday because I've read that massage can stimulate certain pressure points that activate labor. If nothing else, that foot massage felt wonderful on my swollen feet. I then went to New Image Medspa and got a prenatal massage on Saturday. It was heavenly. I fell asleep and knew I was snoring because my own snoring woke me up several times. I also got my husband to massage my nipples since nipple stimulaton could also help to get labor going. I seem to have lost most of the sensation in my nipples so the rubbing just started to annoy me after awhile.

One of my coworkers on Friday also mentioned that she ate Top Hat Chicken right before she went into labor with her first baby. I thought, WTH, it couldn't hurt. So, my husband and I ate that for dinner yesterday. They've opened up a new location on the corner of Broadway and 13th St. and the chicken was very spicy and very good. Some of the best fried chicken we've eaten.

So, now here I sit hoping and praying that this is it and we will get to meet our son in the next day or so. If the contractions continue through today, I definitely will not be going to work tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Still Patiently Waiting...

Well, I will be 39 weeks in about 2 days or so and our son is showing no signs of wanting to come. My blood pressure was high at my doctor's appt. last week so I was instructed not to go back to work that day and to rest over the weekend. It had dropped a little at my re-check but they want to keep monitoring it. I had some mild contractions on Saturday night/Sunday morning but nothing since. The last few weeks of pregnancy are absolute torture. You know in the early months of pregnancy that the baby won't be coming anytime soon. But, as the due date gets closer, the anticipation rises. I'm afraid to be excited at this point because this could drag out to 42 weeks and I so don't want that. I'm trying to be patient but every fear I have about pregnancy is being magnified now that it's looking unlikely that he will be here by his due date.

1. What is he goes to 42 weeks and I end up being induced or worse yet a c-section?
2. What if something happens to him during the time that he's overdue?
3. What if my labor is more difficult because he's had more time to get bigger?

I honestly don't want him to be taken out of my body. I want him to make his way out the normal way. I guess the longer he takes to get here, the more my fear of that happening increases. None of my mental pep talks seem to be helping. He still has 8 days to get here but every day that goes by makes me more anxious and fearful. I know I just need to trust my baby. He knows what to do and he'll do it when the time is right. I still can't help but worry.