Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Still Patiently Waiting...

Well, I will be 39 weeks in about 2 days or so and our son is showing no signs of wanting to come. My blood pressure was high at my doctor's appt. last week so I was instructed not to go back to work that day and to rest over the weekend. It had dropped a little at my re-check but they want to keep monitoring it. I had some mild contractions on Saturday night/Sunday morning but nothing since. The last few weeks of pregnancy are absolute torture. You know in the early months of pregnancy that the baby won't be coming anytime soon. But, as the due date gets closer, the anticipation rises. I'm afraid to be excited at this point because this could drag out to 42 weeks and I so don't want that. I'm trying to be patient but every fear I have about pregnancy is being magnified now that it's looking unlikely that he will be here by his due date.

1. What is he goes to 42 weeks and I end up being induced or worse yet a c-section?
2. What if something happens to him during the time that he's overdue?
3. What if my labor is more difficult because he's had more time to get bigger?

I honestly don't want him to be taken out of my body. I want him to make his way out the normal way. I guess the longer he takes to get here, the more my fear of that happening increases. None of my mental pep talks seem to be helping. He still has 8 days to get here but every day that goes by makes me more anxious and fearful. I know I just need to trust my baby. He knows what to do and he'll do it when the time is right. I still can't help but worry.

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