Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Mommy Belly

Wow! I can't believe how long it's been since I wrote. My baby is keeping me so busy and I've been back at work for almost a month now so that sure isn't helping in the time department. Despite having a wonderful new baby to occupy my time and mind, I have still found time to obsess about how pregnancy has affected my body. At my 6 week check-up, I was pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy weight except for about 5 extra pounds. If I weigh close to what I weighed before I got pregnant, I wondered why I still look like I'm 3 to 4 months pregnant. I got online and obessively searched for postpartum belly pics just to be sure that I wasn't some anomaly. Well, it turns out I am. Yes, most of the women in the pictures I saw had a bit of a pouch a few days or weeks postpartum but none of them looked liked they were pregnant. I finally decided to stop looking up these pictures because it was starting to depress me.

It didn't help when I went back to work that the only clothes that fit me now are the ones that were too big before I got pregnant. I even wore one of my maternity dresses to work one day because the other dresses were really tight around my belly. Most of my shirts will no longer fit around my breastfeeding sized boobs either. And to add insult to injury, one of my co-workers very stupidly said to me on my 3rd day back.."when are you due again". I already had the baby idiot! I noticed over the last week or so that my stomach has shrunk just a little more. Today, I wore the pants that I wore on my first day back and I could actually button them up this time. So, my progress is slow but my belly is still shrinking. I was watching a slide show on MSN today about pregnant women getting their body back after having a baby. There was one lady who posed in a bikini...looking fantastic I might add...and basically said she didn't do anything. Her body just snapped back 3 weeks after she had the baby. Women like that make me sick. They really do.

I'm the kind of person that must find a solution to things that are bothering me and there are two things that have been bothering me since I had my baby. In addition to why my belly is shrinking so slowly, I am bothered by why least mine...give so little information about c-sections and c-section recovery. I swear my doctor acted like I just had a scratch on my arm when he had cut my belly and uterus open. I had a lot of pain and swelling for the first 3 weeks and all he did was offer me tylenol with codeine. I almost felt as though, he thought I shouldn't have any pain and I was just being a whiny baby. I also want to uncover the reason why I ended up with a c-section. I know what they told me but I'm not totally buying it. So for the next few weeks, months, years...however long it takes to reach a point of satisfaction, I will be posting general information on c-sections, the real reason for my c-section, and losing the baby belly for those of us whose bodies don't just "snap back" after 3 weeks.

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