Monday, September 07, 2009

Postpartum Fitness Routine

So, I got the great idea a few weeks ago to maximize my now limited workout time by only doing cardio and weight circuit type workouts. Here's a list of the workouts I did for the first week...

Sunday- Firm Super Cardio Mix- did a 30 minute customized routine
Monday~ Women's Health Ultimate Fat Burn
Wednesday~ Fitprime Lean
Thursday~ Fitprime Strong Bear
Saturday~ Cathe Low Impact Step

I was so proud of myself for getting a workout in for a record 5 days. I continued the following week by doing Firm Vol. 4 Time Crunch on Monday and another 30 minute custom workout from Super Cardio Mix on Tuesday. Then something weird started to happen. Not only was I super tired during the day...more tired than usual...I started having trouble with my breast milk supply. I pump during the day at work and I was getting about half what I normally get. It was really frustrating. The only thing that changed was that I had changed the workouts I was doing and trying to work out more frequently. These were not even my toughest workouts but somehow all the increased activity was causing serious issues with my supply.

So, I have reluctantly gone back to what I was doing before this seeminly efficient idea popped into my head...Leslie Sansone workouts or walks in the park alternated with weight training. Right now, I am rotating the big muscle circuit from Abs Diet 2 and Crunch Total Resculpt as my weight workouts. I did do Cathe's Low Impact Circuit on Saturday just for a change of pace but I didn't do every segment because I don't have over an hour to workout anymore. Since I've gone back to what I was doing before, the supply is back to normal. Go figure. I don't know if it was the type of workouts or the frequency of the workouts that caused the problem.

So, this led me to start searching online for any information on what is appropriate postpartum exercise and here are a few helpful links I found:

Lose Your Mummy Tummy

Mama Notes

Exercise After Birth

Breastfeeding & Exercise: Do They Mix?...good info in these studies although they recorded the opposite of what I experienced.

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