Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday...Lite

I am not much of a shopper. I don't shop for recreation. When I go to the store, I usually have something specific in mind. Most times, I get it and I leave. There are only a few stores that I browse in...Target, Publix, and Big Lots. The thought of going out after Thanksgiving and/or Christmas for the so-called Black Friday deals fills me with dread, not anticipation. I always get the sale papers and look through them all but never venture out to partake in the supposed savings. I spent most of the afternoon on Thanksgiving looking through the flyers and picking out the stores that I MAY decide to grace with my presence. Best Buy has a camcorder we've been eyeing for the lowest price we've seen yet. They also had some DVD movies that I've been wanting to see. I talked myself into at least going to Best Buy to get the camcorder. Then we got home and saw on the news that there was already a line forming at Best Buy and my resolve quickly started to wane.

I went to Best Buy's website at midnight hoping to be able to get the camcorder online. At 12:04, the site said the camcorder was sold out online. I decided to get the DVDs but apparently Best Buy no longer offers free shipping. There was no way I was paying $12 to ship 5 DVDs so I went to Amazon and was relieved to see that they had the same DVDs at the same price. I have a baby so camping out outside of Best Buy was not an option.So, no Best Buy this year.

So, how did I spend Black Friday? Well, my baby was up for the day at 7 so I bundled him up in the car and off we went to Walgreen's. I drove down Warm Springs Rd. so I could check out the crowds at Best Buy and the mall from a distance. I decided that I made the right decision. Why put up with all that hassle when it was highly likely that anything I wanted was already gone? Walgreen's had B&J ice cream for $1.99 and with my $1.00 coupon that means my favorite ice cream for $0.99. I also got some Triscuits so I could send in for a $10 rebate from Kraft. From there, it was off to Publix to get boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.79/lb. I was supposed to go to Big Lots and Tuesday Morning after that but was too tired so I went home. My exciting shopping day ended with buying a purse on Wilson Leather's website and some Christmas presents on Bath & Body Works site.

I know I have a shopping gene but there is only so much I am willing to do to get a deal. Short of free, it takes a lot more than the promise of a deal to entice me out of my warm bed at 5 in the morning.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Finally...some validation

I subscribe to Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine because I get real fitness information without the fluff found in other magazines. I was so happy to read an article in the Nov/Dec issue that talks about low carb diets and lactation. I have been unhappy with my eating for months now and felt stuck because everything I read talked about how bad low carb diets were for breastfeeding and they all talked about how eating carbs was essential for a good milk supply.

The article cited a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition earlier this year. In a nutshell, the study found that lactating mothers on a reduced calorie diet (1800 calories) had significantly higher metabolism and burned more calories when they consumed only 30% of their calories from carbohydrates and dramatically increased their intake of good fats. More importantly, the study confirmed that reducing calories and carbs had no effect on the quality of the milk the women produced. In fact, the amount of fatty acids and calories in the milk were increased. Of course, the study is not available without paying for it but I found this site..he has some rather uninformed views about breastfeeding though...that references it and I've linked to the abstract above.

I am buoyed by this because now I have more specific guidelines about what to eat and I will no longer be a slave to carbs because I'm convinced that I have to eat them to produce milk. So, I've committed to tracking calories closely for the next few weeks and sticking to the 30% of calories from carbs ratio. I'm also going to do the leg routine in this issue since I have so much extra fat on my waist and thighs. So, here's my workout schedule from Nov.23 through Dec. 31.

Monday- Intervals, upper body workout
Tuesday- M&F Hers Thighs & Lows routine part 1
Wednesday- Turbo Kick class
Thursday- M&F Hers Thighs & Lows routine part 2
Friday- upper body workout

I think the Dumbbell Destruction and/or the Armed & Dangerous routines from this same issue look like good complementary upper body workouts.