Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekly Couponing Deals

Here are the deals that I plan to take advantage of this week.

CVS Pharmacy

1 Gillette Mach3 triple pack disposable razor "sale" priced at $5.79

5.79-$2.00 manf. coupon = $3.79
$3.79-$2.00 CVS ExtraCare Bucks (ECB) =$1.79 final cost

1 Crest Pro Health Rinse "sale" priced at $3.50

$3.50-$2.00 manf. coupon = $1.50
$1.50- $3.50 ECB = $2.00 profit

1 Crest Pro Health toothpast "sale" priced at $3.50

$3.50- $.75 manf. coupon = $2.75
$2.75- $3.50 ECB = $.75 profit

I also got a Sunday paper at $1.50 and I had a $4 ECB that I had to use this week before it expired.

Total before coupons: $14.29
Total after coupons: $9.54

So after using my $4 ECB, I owed $5.54 before tax and I earned $9 ECB back.


I made some rookie mistakes at Riteaid but first, here's what I bought. I honestly went there only for the Huggies but ended up buying quite a bit more.

Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers $8.99

$8.99-$2.00 manf. coupon =$6.99 out of pocket (oop). This item also qualified for a $3.00 Riteaid single check rebate so final cost was $3.99.

Vaseline cocoa butter lotion, 10 oz. $2.99

$2.99-$1.00 manf. coupon = $1.99 and I bought two so that's $3.98(oop)

Renuzit air fresheners, $.88

.88 x 3 and I had a buy 2 get one free manf. coupon so oop was $1.76

2 Olay Regenerist mousse cleansers $4.99 (these were on clearance for 50% off..regular price $9.99)

$4.99 -$3.00 manf. coupon = $1.99 each or $3.98 oop. Now I only need one more item to qualify for the newest Olay rebate.

So my total at Riteaid before coupons was $27.59. After coupons $16.71. Here's where the rookie mistake comes in. If I had printed off the $5 off a $25 purchase Riteaid coupon, I would have saved even more. So, lesson learned. Always, always, always, take all your coupons with you whether you think you'll use them or not.

I also didn't take the time to plan my purchases at Riteaid very well. I reviewed the ad several times and although there were a number of things that interested me, I decided that I was only going to get the diapers. So another lesson is that if there are things on sale that you really want, take the time to make the deals work.

Lastly, if I had reviewed the Target ad more closely, I could have gotten the Vaseline lotion for .99 after combining my $1 manf. coupon with a $1 Target coupon. Target only had a specific kind of the lotion on sale though and I was able to get the one I really wanted at Riteaid so I guess it was a trade off. I'm not really upset about this because I didn't feel compelled to buy a lotion that I really didn't want because it was $1 cheaper. I was able to choose the one I wanted by buying it at Riteaid.


There was nothing in the Walgreen's flyer that I wanted this week but I did go in and buy 3 four pound bags of sugar for $1.99 each. I used a $5 Register reward coupon so my final cost was $1.15 after tax.


I have been reviewing the Target ad for a few days now and although it's not solely a deal seeking trip, here's my shopping list.

Up DVD $9 (This will complete the requirements for the $5 Birdseye Voila rebate)

Listerine- buy 3 at $4.50 each and get a $5 gift card. I've got 3 $1 off manf. coupon and 1 $1 off Target coupon so I have $4 in coupons total.

$13.50-$4= $9.50 oop. When you subtract the $5 gift card, the final cost is $4.50 so, it's like getting two free.

Purevia sweetener, 40 ct. - $2.99- $1.00 manf. coupon = $1.99

Gloworm (I'm hoping this will help calm my little one when he wakes in the middle of the night)- $9.99- $2.00 manf. coupon = $7.99

So, if I can stick to my list, my total out of pocket at Target should be $28.48 and I will leave with a $5.00 gift card and submit for another $5 rebate for the DVD.

I live in a town with only one Target, so hopefully, there will be some items left when I get there.

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