Friday, March 12, 2010

Couponing Workshop

I went to the Southern Savers coupon workshop in Fayetteville two weekends ago. I didn’t learn anything earth shattering but I did learn a few tips and resources that were new to me. Jenny is as adorable as I expected. She struck me as being a really good person and I was so happy that she stressed being ethical when couponing. I’ve read some comments from people on her blog and other blogs that I just found disturbing. They’re all about the deal. They don’t care about the store or other people who may want to get the same deal. As long as they get it, that’s all they’re concerned with. It is never my mission when I go into a store to walk out paying nothing. Paying less, certainly, but not paying nothing. Yes, the stores get reimbursed for the coupons but they don’t get reimbursed for competitor coupons or for doubling. So, as long as I’m in that happy place where I think I’m being ethical and fair with a store’s generosity (because let’s face it, they don’t have to take coupons or double so a little gratitude is in order), I’ll continue to coupon. Here are my takeaways from the workshop.

1. There is a website that tracks fraudulent coupons.

2. There is a magazine that lists rebates. Jenny didn’t think it was worth the cost but for someone like me who wants to know about all that’s out there, this seems like a good investment to me.

3. If you have a CVS store that is not open 24 hours , most of them allow you to shop the Sunday sale starting on Saturday night. The times vary by store but my local one allows it from 6 pm to close on the Saturday before a new ad comes out. This is such a time saver for me and I was so happy to hear it. No more going to the 24 hour CVS at midnight because I want to be sure that I get the items I want.

4. CVS rainchecks don't expire.

5. You can send coupons to the troops since they can use coupons up to 12 months after they expire. I love this because I HATE when my coupons expire.

6. There are security measures in place to keep people from photocopying printable coupons. I've always wondered about this and figured as much.

7. Another workshop participant said that Dollar Tree sells All You magazine for, you guessed it, $1. I'm going to personally check this out this weekend since I don't remember seeing magazines in Dollar Tree the last time I was there.

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