Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekly Couponing Deals

Nothing is tempting me at Walgreen’s this week other than toothpaste and mouthwash which I already have plenty of.

I planned three trips to CVS this week because I have so many $3 off $15 coupons. And, they just sent me a $4 off $20. Here are my three transactions which I am well aware I could do all these transactions in one trip but I take my time with the CVS flyer. My first $3 off $15 coupon was expiring on Sunday so I had to go in that day to use it. The $4 off $20 coupon just came out of nowhere.

Trip 1
-1 Venus Embrace razor $8.99 ($4 ECB)
-1 Olay Body Wash $8.99
-2 cans Arizona fruit punch $1.98 (we were on the road and wanted something to drink)

I used a $3 off $15 CVS coupon, a $2 manf. coupon for the razor and a buy Venus Embrace razor get Olay body wash free coupon for the body wash. So, $17.98 - $10.99 = 6.99. I used $4 in ECB so paid a little over $3 with tax.

Trip 2
-2 Oral- B Cross Action toothbrushes $4 each ($4 ECB, limit 2) Used 2 $.75 coupons for the toothbrushes
-1 Nivea Lip Balm $2.99($2.99 ECB) no coupon but technically free so I got it.
-2 boxes Wheat Thins 2/$5 used 2 $1 off Nabisco crackers coupons

So, 15.99- $3.00 CVS coupon, minus $3.50 in manf. coupons = $9.49. I used $7 ECB and ended up paying $3.23 with tax

Trip 3
This trip is planned for tomorrow and I am going because I feel compelled to use that $4 off $20 coupon that they just emailed me. I’ve been on the fence about the Easter candy deal since I really try not to buy bags of chocolate to store in my house. I’ve been doing good just buying single bars at the checkout as filler items to help me reach my total. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. There’s no more chocolate in the house to tempt me. But here goes…

-2 bags Dove chocolate eggs $3 each ($3 ECB when you spend $10)
-2 bags Starburst Easter jelly beans $2.50 each
-1 Bounty Basic 6 pack $5.97 ($1 ECB)
-1 Green Bag tag $.99 ( I go there way too often not to have one.)
-1 Nivea product (not sure which one but I need something less than $4 to make my total)

I’ve got a $1 off coupons for the Dove and Starburst. I also have a $1 off coupon for the Bounty and Nivea. So, with my worst case scenario calculations, I’ll be spending around $7 before tax. I’m just not excited about this trip. These just don’t feel like deals to me. Maybe I’ll just go in there and browse around to see if I can’t find better deals that may not be in the sales flyer. Also, I DO NOT want to bring bags of candy into my house. I just know I’ll sit there and eat one after the other. Ugh! I might just wait until Sunday and get more diapers instead.

I didn’t plan on going to Riteaid this week either until I saw the buy $30 in P&G products get $10 Riteaid gift card. I have two friends who are expecting and I always include diapers with my shower gifts so this seems like a good time to buy them. I’m also going to double up and qualify for the gift card and get some SCRs in the same transaction. Of course, I’m going to have to go to the Riteaid on Double Churches because I am certain there is another couponer hitting the one on Wynnton Rd. I went in there last week and the Halls cough drops had been cleaned out. It was utterly ridiculous. Over 10 display hangers for the Halls were completely empty. I know I went on a Saturday but it doesn’t seem to matter what day I go in there. I’ve been in on a Tuesday and Wednesday and the same thing happened. I’ve also been in there on Sunday and the item I wanted was there so it appears I have to go early.

-2 jumbo packs Pampers $9.99 each
-2 Pampers wipes $2.49 each
-Nyquil Children’s liquid $4.99

I've got $1.50 off coupons for the diapers and $.50 coupons for the wipes. I hate to use my .50 cents and less coupons on stores that don't double so I'm going to think through this one some more.

This is probably the only store I go to where I’m not just going for the deals. I love Target. The only deal from the weekly flyer I’m going in for is the All Detergent. I may try to get the Listerine gift card deal again but it was a colossal failure the first time. I unknowingly picked the laziest cashier in the store. You know the one. The one that doesn’t really care why your gift card won’t pop up when the items are rung up and gives you some lame reason why instead of checking. I just got my coupons back and left. I may try it again if they’re still doing it. I also need to get some baby shower gifts and a few things for my baby.

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