Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekly Couponing Deals

This week, it's just CVS and Walgreens.  Thankfully, Riteaid did not have anything that I was interested in getting.  I think I am getting a little worn out with running out to shop every week.  It's probably time for a break.


Transaction 1
2 jumbo packs Pampers $8.97 each w/ $3 ECB back.  I used 2 $1.50 off manf. coupons
1 Colgate tootpaste $ $3.99 w/ $3.99 ECB back.  I used a $1.00 off manf. coupon

Total out of pocket after manf. coupons, $4 off $20 purchase CVS coupon and $6 ECB applied to total: $9.19 and I got back $9.99 in ECB

Transaction 2
2 Olay Body washes 2/$12 with $5 ECB back.  I used 2 $1.00 off manf. coupon
1 Crest Pro Health Rinse $3.99 w/ $2 ECB back.  I used a $2.00 off manf. coupon
1 Listerine Total Care  $3.99 with $1.50 off CVS coupon and $1 manf. coupon. final price $1.49

Total out of pocket after manf. coupons, $3 off $15 purchase CVS coupon and $4 ECB applied to total: $7.67 and I got back $7.00 in ECB.

So this week's CVS trip cost me $0.13 cents!

I still have another $3 off $15 purchase coupon that expires this week but there is honestly nothing else I want and I'm truly a little worn out with buying. 


I somehow always feel like I pay way too much at Walgreen's.  I did great last week with the flour but this morning, I spent a little over $29 and got a measly $6 back in RR.  I honestly don't go to Walgreen's for the register rewards because they have too many restrictions on them. I earned the coupon and I should be able to use it as I wish but Walgreen's is probably the least coupon friendly store I shop at.  Anyway, here was my list.

3 packs Huggies $8.99 each and $5 RR back.  I used three $3 off manf. coupons
1 Head and Shoulders. $2.99 and $1 RR back.  I also had a $1 manf. coupon
1 jar Miracle Whip $2.99...not the greatest price and I did not have a coupon but we're out and my husband must have his Miracle Whip.
1 3-pack Shick Quattro women's razors $4.99 after $2 "instant" store coupon.  I also had a $4 off manf. coupon.

I went to the store bright and early this morning before work because it's too hard to try to go after work when I have my baby to take care of.  First, I was instantly reminded why I hate to buy diapers at Walgreen's.  Once your baby is in the larger size diapers, there is no pack of Huggies in the store that has over 31 diapers in it. At CVS, I can typically find a pack with 36 diapers in it.  I know 5 diapers is not a big deal but when you're breaking down the cost to the per diaper cost, the more diapers in a pack, the more money you save. 

Second, the "instant" coupon is not so instant.  In my mind, instant means that it's taken off automatically when the item is scanned.  Not at Walgreen's.  The item rang up for $6.99 and when I questioned the cashier about it, he tried to convince me that it was a register reward that would print out after the sale was complete.  I know this is inaccurate but I figured I'd humor him.  So, we complete the sale and no $2 coupon prints for the razors.  Surprise, surprise.  I don't know if he was new or what but he ended up having to call the manager and she couldn't find the coupon that they needed to scan to take off the $2. She ended up just refunding me $2.  I honestly don't get what is so hard about just taking off the amount when the item is scanned.  If you're not going to do that, then don't call it an "instant" coupon. What made it more annoying was that I have the coupon at home in my Walgreen's monthly coupon book.  Had they not used the word "instant", I would have taken the coupon with me. 

At one time, Walgreen's was my favorite pharmacy.  Not anymore. 

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