Monday, April 19, 2010

Five Most Impactful Cleaning Strategies - Seventh Generation

I can honestly say that I already do numbers 1, 3, and 5.  I've still got a bit of mental resistance to idea that washing in cold water will really get my clothes clean.  As for number 2, I can certainly see the wisdom in that advice but I live in Georgia and it's too hot most of the year for open windows.  Of course, we could try to open the windows in the spring when the temperature is fairly nice out but then you have a house full of pollen.  We have enough issues with allergies as it is.  We do open the windows fairly often in the fall, when we actually get one, but how much good does opening windows during that brief annual period really do our indoor environment?

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Weekly Couponing Deals

Last week, I only went to CVS.  I talked myself out of going to Rite-aid and Walgreen's.  I got 2 jumbo packs Huggies diapers, 2 refill packs Huggies wipes, 1 50 oz. Gain detergent, 3 Nivea Body Washes, and 1 CVS brand body wash all for $16.68 after coupons with $11 back in ECB. I went out early this morning and got CVS, Rite-aid and Walgreen's out of the way.  Here's what I got.

Nothing exciting here for me this week but I had $6 RR that I had to use by 4/6.  First I thought about getting the Tropicana OJ at 2/$6 but, I honestly was not excited at $3 juice...not a deal to me...and I cringed at the thought of the trouble they would give me when I tried to use my two RR...$5 and $1...with my Tropicana manf. coupons.  I only have two items but 4 coupons and that apparently sends the registers at Walgreen's into a tizzy.  I know that I can get some small filler items to make up the extra items but honestly the OJ just did not appeal to me.  So, I decided to get 3 Oral-B toothbrushes for $9 with $3 RR back.  Someone had already come in and cleaned out the toothbrushes so I ended up getting 2 toothbrushes and 1 Crest Pro-Health toothpaste for $9 with $3 RR back.  After my RR and $1.50 Crest Pro-Health coupon, I paid $2.13. 

Rite-aid was pretty straightforward for me.  I was happy with my out of pocket amount compared to the SCRs I would get back so I did not feel the need to try and create $25 purchase to use the $5 off coupon

16 oz. can Scrubbing Bubbles $1.99 - .75 manf. coupon
1 Purevia $2.50 - $1.00 manf. coupon
1 Gillette Fusion razor $8.99 - $5.00 manf. coupon and $4 SCR
2 Oral B toothbrushes $2.29 each - B1G1 manf. coupon and $1.50 SCR

My out of pocket was $10.09 with $5.50 SCR back.


CVS was also pretty straightforward this week and I was happy I went ahead and used two of my $3 off $15 coupons last week because there was so little that I wanted this week.

1 Colgate Total toothpaste $2.99 - $.75 manf. coupon and $2 ECB
2 GE Reveal bulbs 4 pk. $1.99  each - $1.00 manf. coupon
2 Lady Speedstick Stainguard deodorants $3.49 each - $2.00 ECB
1Stride gum $.99 with .99 ECB back
1 Sunday paper $1.50

After my manf. coupons and a $3 off $15 and $5 ECB, my out of pocket was $6.60 and I got $6.99 back.  I am trying to talk myself out of going back to get the $10 ECB when you buy $25 in select baby products because I really need to quit with the diapers for now.  I've got it worked out to where I'm only spending a little over $10 out of pocket but still... Here's a picture of my wipes and diaper stash.  Does it look like I need more diapers?