Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Great Shopping Reminder

I'm glad I stumbled on this article yesterday.  Tuesday is my designated grocery shopping day and since I've been couponing, I've been buying things I normally wouldn't more to try them out than anything.  I love how the author is not afraid to lay it out there because it seems nowadays, people are more likely to try and defend their bad choices rather than question them. This was a great reminder that I need to get back to basics.  I did great at Publix last night, only venturing into the center aisles for chicken broth. Here is my favorite part of the article.

  • "Real food. This tip is perhaps the most important of all. To save money, to be frugal grocery shoppers, this is all we're going to buy. Much 'real food' is one ingredient long. Lettuce. Carrots. Milk. Chicken. It's an ingredient. It hasn't been cooked by a company. It likely doesn't have a brand name and a promotion budget. It's real food, it's 'whole food'. It's at the bottom of the dinner chain."
  • "Shop the priorities first. At the grocery store, fill the cart with 'real food' first. This means vegetables and fruit, protein and milk. These departments are nearly always on the outside walls of the store, which is why some people suggest to 'shop the perimeter'. Now stop. Add up what's been spent so far. Is there money left over? "

 I think I'm going to adopt "bottom of the dinner chain" as my mantra when I'm going through the frozen food aisle.

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