Friday, April 01, 2011

Ambition: A Cautionary Tale

Today is the first day of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I took inspiration from the challenge creator's kick-off post and will write about ambition.

Ambition can be described as drive, motivation, aspiration, or desire. I used to see myself as ambitious but I don't anymore. When I graduated high school, my ambition was to go to college to become a fashion designer and ultimately live a glamorous life in Paris. Instead, I ended up in Alaska for six months and joined the military in frustration after not finding the kind of work I desired. The military took me to Anniston Alabama, Seoul Korea, Clarksville Tennessee, and finally, Hinesville Georgia. By the time I got out of the military, I couldn't remember what my initial ambitions were and had somehow picked up a husband along the way. Marriage was not on my original list of aspirations either. After the military, I went to college and earned a degree in business administration knowing all the while that a business degree was not in my original plan. And so, as a result of not following my ambitions, I have lived the past ten years of my career spending eight hours a day with my butt planted in a chair, staring at a monitor, and typing on a keyboard. I am forced to participate in inane office conversations about the weather, weekend plans, or someone's new outfit or hairstyle all for the sake of maintaining workplace harmony. I am clearly not office worker material but somehow, here I sit. Every day. From 8:00 to 5:00.

My ambition now is to get through the day without strangling one of my coworkers for starting yet another inane conversation or asking an unbelievably dumb question. I dream about getting home from work and just plopping on the couch with my two best friends, Ben & Jerry. That's pretty difficult to do with a toddler. I constantly hope that my husband will realize that the perfect gift for me is a maid. Although, I know I have so much to be thankful for in my life now, I still regret not going to California to become a fashion designer in 1992 and I still dream of Paris. This is a cautionary tale. Listen to your inner voice. Stay true to your ambitions and desires.


Marie Anne said...

Your life isn't over yet! Never let go of your dreams and ambitions. You might not realize them all, but you ever know what paths life may take you.

Charmaine Clancy said...

I wasn't much of an office worker either :)

Fill your life with your passion. I write and I make time for that. It's a priority. And yes, housework sux and someone else should do it. (I haven't found that someone else yet either)

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umbrellalady said...

One of the best gifts you can give yourself is to get someone in to clean, even if it is only once a month, just to do all those extra jobs that seem to pile up.

Then use this extra time to start creating fashion designs or take a long-distance ed course in that area. It's the first step that is the hardest.

li said...

I was 36 when I finally found a fulfilling job. Low pay, but rewarding. Many dreams thwarted, but I am now determined to go after what I want, and if I fail, I'll cut my losses and move on to the next. Never give Up!!!