Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Query Letters...Where to Start?

So, I've decided to start trying to pitch articles to print publications. From what I've been reading, it's virtually impossible for an unpublished author to get work with national publications. So, I'm going to start writing query letters to local newspapers and regional magazines. As I see it, the biggest challenge I have is keeping up with the magazine's relevancy schedule. The thought of submitting a holiday article three to six months in advance is a bit daunting. I'm going to have to be super organized. Staying one step ahead is not the way I usually operate. I'm usually just catching on to trends when everyone else has already moved on to something else. I also need to develop a thicker skin because I know there will be many rejections at first.

I checked out a copy of Writer's Market from the library and unfortunately, it does not contain a category for regional magazines. I'm sure I could find a few if I waded through every category but there's got to be a more efficient way. The Writer magazine often has articles about freelancing but most are written for people who are already freelancing. I've had the subscription since last fall and, although it contains so much valuable information, I have yet to read an article that explains how to successfully break into freelancing. So, to all the freelance writers out there, how did you get started?

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Marie Anne said...

I've only got one print article to my name and that was tossed my way by a friend who puts out a Christian newsletter/newspaper in her small community. That was before I even started writing online.

I've never done a query letter either and mentioned that in one of my blog posts today. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you.

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