Saturday, April 02, 2011

Stress Free Birthdays

It's only two short months until my little one's second birthday. I'm trying not to repeat the mistakes I made last year while planning his party. I stressed way too much over throwing a great party and making his cake just perfect. Turns out he didn't even eat the cake. He cried when we sang Happy Birthday and blew the candle out and continued to cry until we laid him down for his nap. He was clearly overwhelmed by all the attention. This year, I'm seriously thinking of booking a nice relaxing family weekend at one of Georgia's state parks and inviting everyone to the cabin  for an hour or so for cake, presents, and a Happy Birthday song.  Knowing myself the way I do, I'll probably waffle about this decision for the next month or so. So, in anticipation of the lengthy period of indecision that is ahead of me, I've created this list of tips for planning a stress free kid's birthday party just in case I need to refer to them later.

1. Start planning early. Preferably at least six weeks in advance. If your child's birthday is around a major holiday, you may need to start planning sooner.Choosing a theme for the party will also help you focus your planning more.

2. If posssible, don't have the party at your home. That adds to the stress because not only do you have to prepare for the party, you now have to prepare your house too. If you do have it at your home, consider having it outside.

3. Keep it in perspective. Yes, we all want to throw a great party for our children but at the end of the day, it does not have to be perfect. Kids are more concerned with having fun and rarely notice things that may not have turned out the way we wanted them to. They're more concerned with having fun and if they're really young, they won't even remember the party until you break out the pictures later on.

4. Keep it simple. Remember kids typically don't expect a lot. Most of the time when we plan an elaborate party, we're doing it for the benefit of the adults that will be there. Remembering who the party is really for will help keep it simple.

5.Stay away from If you're like me and can't just go there for inspiration. You must complete every project that looks good and fits with your theme, it's best not to visit the site at all. If you can use her ideas as a springboard for your own ideas and come up with projects that are within your own abilities, then the site is a wonderful resource.

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Pam Torres said...

I'm the mother of 6 and now the mother of 5 grandchildren. My mantra has always been to simplify, simplify, simplify. What the children remember are the emotions they felt when they were with you. Make them positive and as free of stress as you can.