Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Summer Porch Pots and Peonies

Since I'm so far behind, I thought I'd make this a picture blog.

Here's a picture of my freshly planted porch pots. I hope they make it through the summer. It gets so hot here in the summertime that even when I water the pots every day, it's not enough to keep them alive. I think I'll try watering twice a day when it gets really hot outside to see if that helps.

And a shot of my fledgling peonies. I separated a larger peony plant about two years ago and these are its transplants. They finally bloomed but the blooms aren't full like they should be. Hopefully this will change as they grow. I haven't had much luck with peonies in the past so I am thrilled that they're progressing, albeit slowly.


L.L. Woodard said...

Those crystals that help to hold water in the soil are great additions for container plants. Good luck with the peonies.

Poddys said...

I love Peonies, they are wonderful when they are in flower, but whenever I have had them the wind and rain seems to want to rob them of their full glory as soon as they come fully into flower.