Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Versatilty of an Xertube

Xertube is a fancy brand name for resistance bands. They resemble jump ropes but some have handles on each end that allow you to grip the band while using it. Some have no handles on the end so you have to loop them around your hand to keep them in place. The bands are made of a strong elastic and provides resistance as you perform certain exercises. Resistance levels vary from light to heavy and can be adjusted by looping each end of the band around each hand. Xertubes are a great way to work out for people new to exercise. They're also portable so you can exercise just about anywhere.

All resistance bands are not created equal however. You have to buy a quality band or you risk the band snapping and causing possible injury. Thanks to the web, there's never a shortage of band workouts to try. So, grab your band and get started!

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MiscMayzee said...

I have been using plain old generic resistance bands lately to simulate downhill skiing in place of having an elliptical. It is actually kind of fun!

L.L. Woodard said...

I like that there are different levels of resistance available in the various bands, so you can work your way up as you work out.