Monday, June 13, 2011

Elmo Sesame Street 2nd Birthday Party

My freshly baked cupcakes, 6" round cake, and homemade icing.
I've been busy planning my little one's Sesame Street 2nd birthday party. I used Elmo as the main character since he's the only one he really knows. Although they hardly show him, he's getting more and more acquainted with Cookie Monster now too. I tried my best not to spend too much money since his only memories of this event will be from looking at pictures when he's older. But, I still think I went a little crazy.

- I spent about $65 on buying Elmo Sesame Street decorations and utensils -  half of which I did not even use. I was serving cupcakes - more on that later- so the dessert plates were really unnecessary. I bought two table covers but only needed one. I also bought matching Elmo Sesame Street themed cups. The adults preferred to use larger cups so those went unopened. Same with the matching red and yellow utensils and themed napkins. I think the biggest waste was the Elmo table confetti. Seriously, what was I thinking?

- I spent $10 getting balloons at the grocery store. In my defense, I did blow up balloons the day before completely free but my child couldn't resist and popped most of them while trying to play with them.

-I bought too much food. In my experience, only about half the people I invite actually show up. I let the "what ifs" take over though and had plenty of leftovers to show for it. It will all get eaten but still, that's money I could have kept in my pocket.

-I was brave enough to make my own cakes this year. I used a chocolate cake recipe from Cuisine at Home magazine. The cake was easy to make and was egg and dairy free. The recipe also didn't have baking powder so I was worried that it wouldn't rise but they came out beautifully, albeit a little denser than I prefer. My son had his own personal 6" birthday cake and everyone else had cupcakes. So, at least in this area, I saved some money.

-Once again, I was out buying cake decorating supplies. You would think I had enough from last year. At least with my 40 and 50 percent off Joann coupons, I was able to save something. I've decided I need to take a cake decorating class too if I'm going to keep making his cakes every year.

At the end of the day, it was a fun small 2nd birthday celebration for my little guy with his two favorite Sesame Street characters, Elmo and Cookie Monster. I think I just have to work on not trying so hard. I do so many unnecessary things and end up exhausted when its all over.

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