Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Publix Trip This Week

It's rare that I post details about my grocery shopping trip because my savings aren't usually that great. But, I think yesterday's trip was a good example of how I shop and my basic philosophy with couponing. Sale or not, coupon or not, if it's not something we need, want, and will use, I don't buy it. Some things - produce, milk, and eggs for example - are staples for us, so whether they're on sale or not, I buy them. I tend to choose produce that's on sale but sometimes that's not possible.

My total before coupons was $40.15. After coupons, I paid $26.87.

Coupons used:

2 - $1 off coupons for Pompeiian olive oil (had raincheck from last BOGO sale)
$1.25 off 2 Del Monte pineapples
2 - $.50 off Eggland's Best Eggs (each coupon doubled to $1)
$2.68 Publix penny item coupon for apple juice
$5/$30 purchase Winn Dixie coupon (competitor coupon)

The only things I bought that aren't on sale were the milk, broccoli, and onions. I stock up on meat when it's on sale so meat is not something I purchase regularly. I've gotten to a point with couponing where I pretty much go to the store each week for our staples and a few other things that I may have a coupon for. No extreme savings here but, savings nonetheless.

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