Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sesame Street Elmo and Cookie Monster Birthday Cupcakes

I was inspired by the Cookie Monster cupcakes on Amy's blog. As I searched the internet looking for assembly instructions, I found thousands of sites with different variations of this cupcake. The Elmo cupcake idea came from the Wilton baking site. Since I used sugar Elmo decorations, they were super easy to decorate. The Cookie Monster cupcakes were a bit harder. I bought two single serve bags of chocolate M&Ms thinking that they would have all the brown M&Ms I needed for Cookie Monster's eyes. Each bag had exactly two brown M&Ms in them. Is there a brown dye shortage that I don't know about? I had to finish the rest of the cupcakes using the blue M&Ms for the eyes.

I also thought that buying the Wilton colored frosting in the tube would save me the trouble of dying my own icing to get that really intense blue Cookie Monster color. The icing was from the tube was really hard to work with and the icing tips that I bought were too big for decorating a cupcake. For the  first cupcake, I used a star tip but quickly abandoned that idea because the icing from the tube was not sticking to the cupcake. I ended up just piping the icing on the cake in circular shapes to cover the top of the cake and frame the mouth.

I didn't realize when I decided to use this design that Oreo cookies would be so hard to break in half perfectly. I ended up eating quite a few of them because the cookies kept breaking every which way. A super sharp knife might help get a clean break but I didn't have one handy.

Since I found lots of pictures and very few assembly instructions for the Cookie Monster cupcakes online, here's what I did. I also included some of the things that I will do differently next time.

1. Make and tint your own icing. The frosting in the tube is a nightmare to work it.
2. Apply a prep layer of frosting before you start piping Cookie Monster's "fur". In hindsight, I honestly don't think a piped layer to make the "fur" more realistic is necessary.
3. Gently stick an Oreo half on one side of the cupcake. It's best to separate the cookie so it doesn't sit too high on top of the cupcake.
4. Pipe Cookie Monster's "fur" around the edge of the cookie and the rest of the cupcake. Be sure to cover the edge of the cookie so it looks like the cookie is in his mouth.
5. Cut a marshmallow in half and place each piece smooth side up slightly above the Oreo cookie mouth.
6. Dab a little untinted frosting on the back of brown or blue chocolate M&Ms and stick in center of marshmallow.

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