Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Millionaire Manual Step 5 - Invest in Yourself

In a previous blog post, I talked about the Millionaire Manual and committed to getting a few more steps completed. Step 5 is about investing in yourself through educational books, seminars, and courses. The section has two questions and a space to write action items. Here goes:

What investment in yourself are you planning this year?

I've really thought about this long and hard and I really don't want to start over in my career. I've identified that I like doing work that involves organizational development and business operations and process improvement. I need to identify the areas within my company that do that kind of work and strive to get there. I may go back to college for a Masters after I've had a few years of doing this kind of specialized work. For right now, I think the best way to invest in myself and advance my career is to start working on earning a process improvement or organizational development certification such as Six Sigma.

Does your employer have a tuition reimbursement plan?

Yes, but it is severely limiting. They only pay for attending certain local colleges, none of which I have any interest in attending. This is not an option for me at the moment.

Action Items:

  • Narrow down my interest in organizational development into more specific areas.
  • Research quality but afforable six sigma or organizational development certifications.
  • Start the process of earning the certifications
  • Sign up for a non-fiction writing course.

My target completion date for these tasks is the end of the year.


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