Sunday, July 17, 2011

Potty Training Update - Week 2 to Week 6

The second week arrived and we again went back to the morning and evening "potty time" ritual. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, I give him a few minutes to get somewhat awake and then I remove his diaper and sit him on the potty. Since, I'm usually pressed for time, I'm usually in the shower or putting on my makeup while he sits on the potty in the mornings. This week, I decided to start going to the potty with him. While he's sitting on his potty, I'm sitting on the toilet. Some mornings, I even resorted to holding it so that we could do it together. Of course, he thinks the sound of me peeing is pretty funny. But, by midweek, he is peeing in the potty in the morning too. So, we've made some big steps so far. The first big step was that he actually started enjoying sitting on the potty and stopped resisting it. The second big step is that he started peeing in the potty every day at both potty times.  The second weekend proved to be a bit more challenging. But, we only had two accidents all weekend. The no diaper thing puts a cramp on when we have to go out but until he starts telling us when he has to go, that's the way it's going to be.

He is fascinated with flushing the toilet and we've been using that as his reward. When he uses the potty, he gets to put it in the toilet with my help and flush it. Somewhere in the third weekend, the light bulb came on in his head and I couldn't keep him off the potty. He was getting on it even when he didn't have to pee. I had to reinforce that there was no flush without him making a deposit into the potty first. He even started asking his daycare teacher to go potty. We're in week 5 or 6 now. I've lost count. The novelty of the potty has worn off for him but he still goes without resisting and he still loves to flush the toilet afterward.

He's still not good at telling us when he has to go but we starting using his training pants this weekend anyway. He had one accident on Saturday. Still, I think he's slowly understanding that the training pants are not diapers. With our guidance and patient, persistent reinforcement, he is doing really well with peeing in the potty. Poop is another story all together. He seems to be a lot more shy with that. We've realized that he's more likely to poop in the potty if we leave the bathroom or close our eyes. It's a work in progress but I'm confident we'll get there.

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